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Why you should think Like Your Attacker

The wide majority of criminals look for a particular type of victim. Do not ever make yourself a victim of
any type. Learn on what could make you the target of an attacker.

Take a moment and to yourself think; Would I attack someone who is in a group, or in an area of full view
of others? No, you much would rather attack someone who is alone and in an area obscured from the sight of
others. Would It be smartest to attack someone who is walking confidently with their head up, aware of their
surroundings and has made eye contact with me? They could recognize me or already sense the danger. Again,
no, I ideally want someone who is busy with their packages or talking on a cell phone, not paying
attention in the slightest to me or anything else around. They might not see me coming, and I could get
the jump on them. Consider that lady who already has her keys in her hand, she is ready to enter her car quickly, She has
them spread between her fingers and is in a strong position to react to me. No, I wouldn’t want that
person I want the person who is digging in their purse and has her attention focused there.

I am thinking and scheming where is the best place for abduction. I am looking for a car that is parked out of
the way from others; I don’t want to be seen grabbing the lady. I just want to grab her and drag her in her
car. Where is a good place for that? If I notice her park far away, I can wait and get her then. I could
grab her near the busiest area of the parking lot, but there’s a much higher chance that I might be seen or
stopped there. If I hide on the other side of the car and she uses her keyless entry and double clicks it, it
will unlock all the doors for me, like an invitation. Could this be a new friend or foe? Imagine You are in
the store and have multiple packages. A stranger offers you their help with them. They have been chatting you
up in the checkout line and would be happy to help. Say NO. If they insist, then say NO more firmly. If you
need help with packages, ask store security or a manager to help you. Do not under any circumstances
allow a stranger near you or your vehicle with the doors open.

Be aware of any ploy that can be used against you.

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