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The scoring system in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu For Sport Competitions

The Martial Art known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is quite popular in the US. Redesigned from Japanese Jujitsu and Judo, various competitions are held across the country every year. Just be aware that Sport Jiu Jitsu is not the same as the Self Defense Jiu Jitsu taught by the Gracie family and you should make sure that the gym you choose covers what you want. To give you an example, fighters can join the Florida Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation and Compete in the Florida Open. There are also competitions in Port St Lucie and near St. Lucie county.

In each of these organized matches, fighters are matched up together depending on their age group, weight and skill. A variety of techniques have corresponding points while victory can be achieved through certain means.

How Scoring In Jiu Jitsu Is Set Up

The actually scoring is set up like one fighter is awarded 2 points if he or she successfully sweeps the opponent, puts their knee on their opponent’s belly or performs a technical side mount reversal. Three points are earned if the fighter performs passing the full guard. You score four points if you execute a successful mount or back mount with hooks.

You will only be credited one point if you just hold this for at least 3 seconds. Additional credit is given if you are able to hold this position much longer.

Earning the most points is just one way to victory but making your opponent submit is much better. This is done by executing a hold or choke until your opponent taps on you or the mat. You can also be the victor if your opponent is disqualified but this is a rare occurrence so you have to do your best to defeat them.

Points can be deducted if a fighter is caught doing something that is not allowed during the match. Examples are, you cannot bite, hair pull, punch or kick your opponent. You can not stall the fight in anyway, use swear words or do any obscene gestures. There are penalties for each of these infractions. The worse is disqualification.

Match times for BJJ depend on the age group and belt level. White belt fights for the kids last 4 minutes while for grownups these are 5 minutes.

There are not only awards for individual competitors given out to the top three fighters per age group and weight class, there is also an award for the team. So if many in your team topped their events, you will most likely win the overall event. 

So you can get the most points during your event, you have to practice regularly by sparring often with your team mates and studying how your opponent moves. You can also add to your arsenal and learn some new moves given that they are many ways to execute sweeps, mounts, throws and takedowns as this will make you more confident in dealing with your opponent.

Scoring in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the exact same if the players are required to wear Gi or any other outfit called No Gi. If you have to wear the official uniform, don’t forget to put on your belt so people will know your rank. In any competition that doesn’t require this, absolutely make sure you are wearing clean board shorts and a rash guard or shirt. The use of the cup or mouth guards and athletics support like these are optional.

If you would like to learn about the sport aspect, our advanced class is for you. But all of our students practice in the fundamentals class which will allow you do defend yourself in the streets and in a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight.

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