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The Psychology in Self-Defense

Rarely do we realize how much psychology plays into
self-defense. When we stop to think in terms of self-
defense, we most often think in terms of the physical
part of self-defense. However, there are also
psychological self-defense techniques that you can use
to protect yourself.

When hostage negotiators work with dangerous criminals
who take hostages, all of the dialogue that transpires
between the two takes place on the part of the
negotiator having a psychological impact. You can also
use these same techniques when you find yourself in a
a situation that calls for self-defense.

First of all, make sure to use eye contact. When you
look people in their eye, they are less likely to
attack you. Attackers usually prefer those who are not
looking at them — those who can be taken by surprise –
– and they also prefer to attack people who cannot
possibly identify them later on.

If you sense as though someone is following you or
watching you, smile and give a wave at someone else who
appears trustworthy. Go on and walk up to that person
and start talking to them. It is okay to let them know
that you felt you were in danger. Most people, believe
it or not, are essentially good, and will do what they
can to help you get out of a bad situation.

Talk to your attacker. Let them know that you are a
real human being. You have to gauge the situation, and
the person, for yourself, as each attack, and each
attacker is different. You may easily determine that
screaming and fighting will scare your attacker off.
Then again, you may determine that talking calmly to
your attacker, in a non-threatening manner, is more

In most cases, an attacker has a reason to attack. He
plans to gain something from it. As long as what he
wants does not involve you personally, try to give him
what he wants as quickly as possible — as far away
from you as possible. For example, if the attacker
wants your wallet, hand it to him, or toss it away from
you. If he wants your car, toss your keys away from

Finally, never allow yourself to look the part of a
victim. If you look vulnerable, you are. Walk with your
head held up, and take in your surroundings. Always
look like you have a specific destination in mind. Use
positive body language that says that you are in
control of your person, as well as the situations
around you.

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