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Self Defense Camping Trip Brazilian Vale Tudo Gym

Self Defense Camping Trip

People around town cannot believe ! We did a 2018 self defense camping trip  Brazilian Vale Tudo gym for the 2nd year in a row. Isn’t that super cool? At least we think so and most of the team did too. We love to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , Judo, Sambo and Boxing, but it is so important to keep the team positive and united. We feed off each other and help each other stay motivated through out the year. 

Self defense camping trip at the Brazilian Vale Tudo Gym is part of our Port St Lucie, FL tradition. We also have members that join us from Ft. Pierce, FL, Jensen Beach, FL, Stuart, FL It is actually healthy for you to camp…and most people do not know that. We did not camp for an entire week, but one week of camping and staying away from all man made light is just right to reset a person’s body clock to its natural sleep rhythms. We use electrical light lights everyday of our lives, by doing so, we reduce exposure to natural light, causing us modern humans to stray from our natural circadian sleep patterns, and maybe a contributor to a bad quality sleep.

Self Defense Camping Trip

Self Defense Camping Trip Guide

During our Self Defense Camping Trip we also actually taught or students self defense techniques and how to stay safe in the wilderness. So below we will show you the ultimate guide for incorporating self-defense techniques into your camping trip! At Brazilian Vale Tudo Gym, we understand the importance of staying safe while enjoying the great outdoors. In this detailed guide, we will walk you through essential self-defense strategies that will not only make your camping experience better but also provide you with valuable skills to protect yourself and your companions.

In today’s world, being prepared for any situation is crucial whether in the streets or in the outdoors. We want you to always embark on a camping trip filled with adventure, surrounded by nature, while also possessing the knowledge and skills to protect yourself and your fellow campers. This guide aims to combine the peacefulness of camping with the practicality of self-defense, creating an unforgettable experience that focuses on safety first without compromising on the joys of the wilderness.

Understanding Self-Defense in the Wilderness

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