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5 amazing reasons kids do self defense

There are so many different reasons why kids should do self defense. Today we will cover 5 amazing reasons kids do self defense in the martial arts in no particular order.

1.    Improves coordination and overall fitness

This is one that is one that most people overlook. With the lack of PE classes in schools now, most children are not getting the right amount of physical activity to burn all the calories that they are consuming while playing hours of video games sitting down.

2.    Teaches concentration, discipline and respect

Proper discipline teaches kids how to make good choices in life. For example, with at-home discipline when a child loses their video games privileges for not cleaning up their room, they learn how to make safer choices on the following time.

3. Develops good confidence

While learning self-defense through a martial arts program, children are regularly trained in new skills, and each skill becomes more and more challenging than the previous one. Some will pick things up faster than others, but not everything is easy. With repetition and practice, these skills can be developed further.

4. Develops focus and determination

Progressing in new skills, like physical strength, abilities and self defense moves, requires focus and determination. Kids have to be ready to put in the work, keep going through failure, try again, make small adjustments until they succeed!

5. Develops Social, listening and communication skills

In everyday life, children will have to listen and follow instructions and as they grow into adulthood and start working for their employers, children will have to do the same. This is a fundamental aspect of a good self-defense program, which should have a lot of emphasis on teaching children to listen in their turn and how to be heard when it’s their turn to speak.

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